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Our platform simplifies everything, from the application and time-tracking, to invoice generations to receive payments. And more!

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As soon as you create a profile that highlights your skills and preferences, Jungle starts matching you with the perfect opportunity.

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You earn exactly what you asked for, with no discounts or fine print. We show you pay breakdowns and stats upfront, and we always make sure that you can get paid safely.

Keep your life in balance

We know you’re more than just your job, and we’re working hard to support all aspects of your career so you can find equilibrium in other areas of your life.

Honest conversations

Be ready to connect and engage with experts from the world's top companies. We feature real developer experiences in our community, straight from the front lines. 

Dedicated support

We offer you a dedicated team and access to a community of fellow technologists who have your back every step since day one. You'll only need to worry about your code.

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You can start building the career you always dreamed of right now. And yeah, you read it right: it's entirely free of charge.

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People 💚 Jungle Devs

"I’ve been having opportunities that I never thought I’d have this early on my career. I do really mean it when I say that this opportunity has enabled me not only to find professional growth, but also achieve personal life-long dreams."

Bruna Schmidt Nascimento

Product Designer @ Benepass

"I've thought about applying for international opportunities before, but before joining Jungle, I thought it'd still be a couple of years before I actually had a shot at that."

Since joining Jungle I have learned a ton and with my current salary, my life has definitely taken a turn for the better."

Jorge Murakami

Backend Software Engineer @ HighNote

"I think having an international experience was fundamental for my career, but also for me as a person. Getting to know new people with other cultures, different backgrounds and new points of views was something I was really looking forward to, and Jungle helped me getting there."

Arthur Moreira de Deus

Fullstack Software Engineer @ Parade

"There are so many great opportunities to grow your career. Just go for it, you won’t regret. I can work with more autonomy in my hours which helps to conciliate my college, have fun with my family and dedicate time to finishing my graduation."

Rafaela Bernardo Rodrigues

Frontend Software Engineer @ HighNote

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